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Titanium-Silicon bracelet black various motifs
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Titanium-Silicon bracelet black
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bracelet Lava / Onyx
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Titanium Venetian Inca arm chain 2.7mm.
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Titanium Venetian Inca arm chain 4mm.
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Titanium Venetian Inca arm chain 7.2mm.
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Delivery time: 6-8 weeks
Titanium-Roll Retro Style
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Our products are not only convince by their sustainability, we also strive to help the protection of species and nature in general. 

With every piece of jewellery sold, DiverDesign supports finacially the two environmental organizations

 Sharkproject and Turtle Foudation.




next exhibition dates

Interdive Frankfurt 2021 
20th - 24th January 2021

Cancelled due to Corona
Hope for Interdive Frierichshafen September 2021
Stay healthy + lively


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Gaby + Alberto Hafner
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CH-8905 Arni

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